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The Walk along the Gorge at Niagara Falls
It’s easy to walk around the actual Falls, take a few pictures, usually selfies, and go have dinner. The problem is you have only seen and experienced a small part of the Niagara adventure. You probably haven’t learned the really interesting things about the Falls, because you’ve just watched the water tumble over the rocky ledge.

But you’ve missed the stories that make up Niagara, and there are many fun, interesting and exciting things to learn. A good tour takes care of that.

The largest of the Falls at Niagara Falls, the Canadian-Horseshoe Falls
What about the rest of Niagara. Things like the Whirlpool Cable Car ride, the Jet Boats through the rapids, the Floral Clock built in the 50’s and still operating today. Oh, the by way, the 16 to 19 thousand plants that make up the clock face. One of the most photographed attractions at Niagara, but you certainly are not going to walk there from the Falls. Then there is Niagara on the Lake, Canada’s first Capital. Oh, have I mentioned the wineries? Over 100 of them, with world class wines, including our most famous wine, ice wine.

There’s Queenston Heights, a major part of the War of 1812. Oh, you didn’t know about that. Now there’s a story. It’s the only war between Canada and the United States. Have you ever enjoyed a Laura Secord chocolate? Fabulous, but did you know that this was a real person who warned the British that the Americans were about the invade, and that she was from Baltimore.

And you’ve heard about the White House being burned to the ground on August 24th, 1814. The British, who were protecting what was Canada back then, were more than a little peeved at the American’s for their attacks on Canada during the War of 1812. so they jumped on their ships and sailed down to Washington and burned down the Presidental Mansion (the White House), then probably went on vacation in the Caribbean.

The Living Water Wayside Chapel at Niagara On The Lake. Real Church, real weddings.
If planned right, you can even squeeze in a stop this tiny, but real church located on a beautiful spot along the Niagara Parkway. Or, if you prefer, you can stop at one of the huge locks on the Welland Canal. You may even see one of the Laker Ships being locked through the canal. It’s a wonderful experience watching how the ships get around Niagara Falls. Then how about a stop at the Chocolate F/X. Need I say more.

The Spanish Aero Car at  the Whirlpool Niagara Falls, ON

And the wineries. Over 100 of them in the Niagara Region. Almost all with world renown award winning wines, including our famous ice-wine. I could go on an on, but you certainly get the picture, and that’s why you should take a tour, or maybe two. One day do the Niagara Falls/Niagara tour, and the second day take a wine and brew tour.

Believe me, you’ll never regret it.

I can assist you to find the right tour for your situation. Time available, access capabilities, interests, and even from Toronto if you are actually in TO (as we sometimes refer to the city) on business, convention, meetings or other and would like to take a day and see Niagara Falls.

Niagara On The Lake is Wine Country with over 100 wineries. Or maybe four or six, or more of you would like to do the wineries. Great tastings, and pick up a few bottles for home. We can certainly assist you to have an incredible day in Niagara.

For those arriving by tour bus, I still do tours of the area through your bus company or travel agency. Just ask them about us, and if they don’t know me yet, tell them about Gateway Niagara Falls, the website (http://gatewayniagarafalls.com), and how they can contact me through this site.

The Shaw Restaurant at Niagara On The Lake Canada's first capital.
Or head down to Niagara On The Lake where you’ll enjoy the colourful past. The orginal Capital of Canada, NOTL as I like to shorten the name, was originall called Newark, and was indeed the Capital of Upper Canada back in the 1700’s. The old town is still with us, with incredible information about our past, and of course the War of 1812 which changed much about Canada’s future.


So, don’t just look at the water cascading over the Falls at Niagara Falls. Listen too, and have some fun while you’re here. Our contact information can be seen here.
Chuck Camroux
Host & Founder of “GatewayNiagaraFalls.com,” “GuideWithARide.com” and “GatewayNiagara.com.”
All photos on this page taken by your host, Chuck Camroux



Take a Tour With Us
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Take a Tour With Us
General overview of Niagara Falls and the Niagara Region. Uses pictures and text to provide a tour of this world famous destination.
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