April 2019

Is There Enough Water in the Great Lakes to Allow Niagara Falls To Continue?

Yes, the Great Lakes is the largest surface fresh-water system in the world with about 20% of the world’s supply. Much of the water is still glacial originated water. Less than 1% of the water in the Great Lakes is “renewed” on an annual basis with precipitation and groundwater, the remaining 99%+ remains a legacy […]

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Port Colborne and the Welland Canal

Although most tourists don’t travel to see the rest of Greater Niagara surrounding Niagara Falls, those that do get to enjoy a really interesting place to visit. How about a walk along side the canal where the massive “lakers” (the ships of the Great Lakes) enter and leave the canal that takes them around Niagara […]

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Why Is There Sludge in The River Below The Falls?

No, it is not polution. It is clay containing suspended particles of decayed vegetative matter. Because of the water plummeting over the Falls, especially the Horseshoe Falls and stirring up the clay below, much of this clay floats to the surface and sinks back down quickly. It’s just that the Falls never stops churning up […]

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