This website features pictures (stills and videos) of the Niagara Region.

There’s more than a half million people that call the Niagara Region home. Situated between Buffalo New York, and Toronto Ontario, it is a busy place, especially since Niagara Falls is the home of one of the world’s most admired and known tourist destinations, because of the Falls at Niagara. But there is so much more to the area, and this website is being put together to help you understand all the things you can do and see while visiting.

For instance, we have one of the most admired and successful wine regions in the world. Not only is the area known for it’s red and white wines, but also world wide for our ice wine. It takes a special climate to grow the grapes that are turned into ice wine, and we have that climate. Then there is Niagara on the Lake, Canada’s first capital and a beautiful historic town right on the Niagara River.

Within this site, GatewayNiagaraFalls.com, you’ll also learn about the communities that make up the region, the incredible Welland Canal that ws first built in the eighteen hundreds, to allow ships to get around the Falls. The Falls are fed by the waters of the Great Lakes, which houses nearly 25% of the fresh water of the world. Many great cities depend on the lakes for supply lines by ship, going deep into western Ontario and Minnesota, some 2,000 kilometres from east to west.

We cover it all in Gateway Niagara Falls. I retired from a senior executive position in Toronto in 2004 and moved to Niagara Falls. The first thing I did was get my Guide License, and conducted tours of the Region for 7 years. Becoming a reasonable expert of the area, the history and events of Niagara Falls. During that time I took pictures constantly, and still do. These pictures are used on this website to introduce you to our home and area. Soon, we are going to be offering picture packages to visitors, so when they go home after a short stay, they still have the pictures and videos of those places they couldn’t get to see.

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This website has been up since 2004, but we took it down in April 2017, and are in the midst of a complete rebuild. So it doesn’t look like much at the moment, but give us a couple of months, and there will be hundreds, in fact thousands of pictures and videos, and much more. So plan to come back often.


Your Host, Chuck Camroux


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