The American Falls in Winter

Does The Falls Freeze Over?

The simple answer is no. Running water isn’t standing still enough to freeze. But, the Falls in winter a beautiful to behold, and there’s lots of misleading stories about Niagara Falls freezing. Here is the American Falls appearing to be frozen.

No the Falls at Niagara do not freeze over. Water running at the speed it is, pretty much hampers any time to freeze. However, lots of ice floats down river from Lake Erie in harsh winters. It is broken at the head of the Niagara River to it won’t cause damage to property and the Falls, but it floats along and over the Falls and fills the Gorge. In the old days, before the amount of water was controlled, the ice piled up in the Gorge and folks were allowed to walk, slide and play on this ice and snow buildup.

The American Falls in the distance and ince and snow in the Gorge below the Falls.
Ice and snow in the Gorge below the Falls. A winter wonderland!

That all stopped when some people broke through and drowned. The picture above is of the gorge in a recent winter. Bring a winter coat and a jug of hot chocolate.

The American Falls in Winter
A winter scene at the American Falls



All photographs on this page taken by Chuck Camroux and are Copyright Chuck Camroux

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