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For Visitors To Niagara, Is There More To Experience?

Tall ship traversing the locks of the Welland Canal
Tall Ship using the Welland Canal to climb over Niagara Falls between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

Gosh yes. There’s more to see and experience than most are able to enjoy as they don’t have enough time. Let me put on my guide hat and list just some of the things you should take in.

There is of course the Falls at Niagara Falls. They are unique in many ways. The are in effect the border between Canada and the United States. The cities of Niagara Falls exist in both Ontario Canada and New York, U.S.A. The Falls are very accessible to most in the world, compared to some of the other great falls of the world which are buried deep in forests and jungles of the world. At Niagara, there are actually three Falls, the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls (also referred to as the Canadian Falls). This short paragraph barely scratches the beauty, history and awesomeness of the Falls at Niagara Falls.

Now let’s consider some of the other attractions for visitors of Niagara.

Within walking distance of the Falls, there’s the Niagara Gorge, cut out by Niagara Falls over the past 12,000 years. The’s the Class 6 rapids in the Niagara Gorge, largest in the world. There’s the Whirlpool and Cable Car build in 1916 to take you across the Gorge right over the whirlpool.

The Whirlpool Cable Car at Niagara Falls
Hanging hundreds of feet above the Whirlpool at Niagara, is the Cable Car first built and used in 1916.

Away from the Falls and the Niagara Gorge is the Welland Canal. Just a few kilometers from the Falls is a canal built to move the Great Lakes ships around the Falls. WHAT…Ships? Most people don’t think about it, but as the largest body of fresh water in the world, the Great Lakes feeds the Falls, but they also move millions and millions of tone of cargo for thousands of kilometers between Canada and the U.S.A., but the have to be able to climb over Niagara Falls to do it.

A Great Lakes ship locking through one of the 8 locks of the Welland Canal.
A Great Lakes ship locking through one of the 8 locks of the Welland Canal.

The Welland Canal is a major tourist attraction itself. Opened first in 1829 with 29 locks and lengthened in 1833 to 40 locks. The canal connects Lake Ontario with Lake Erie, allowing commercial ships and prival boats to move between these two great lakes. Much more on the Welland Canal and the Great Lakes in this post, The Great Lakes, The Forever Water Supplier Of Niagara Falls.

What else is there to see and enjoy, here are a few (each is a link to more detailed, fun information)…

The Botanical Gardens
The Hydro Electric Generating Stations in both Canada and the U.S.
The Floral Clock built in 1950 and still operating. Nearly 19,000 flowers make up the face of the clock.
The ancestral Home of Laura Secord.
The Old Skow
Over 100 World Class Wineries & many Craft Breweries of Niagara
The Village of Niagara on the Lake, the first Capital of Upper Canada.
Fort George in Canada and Fort Niagara in the U.S.A., important during the War of 1812.

If you’re traveling on the U.S.A. side of the boarder, Lewiston, the Cave of the Winds at Goat Island, Youngstown, The Maid of the Midst boat trip and Buffalo are just a few of the attractions.


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