Tourists and locals strolling along the walk above the Niagara Gorge between the American and Canadian Falls

How Many Tourists Visit Niagara Falls Each Year?

30 million visit Niagara Falls Ontario and the number is rising each year. Add to that 6 to 8 million who visit Niagara Falls, New York and don’t wander over to the Canadian side. So I guess it proper to say that about 38 million visit Niagara Falls each year.

Standing at the edges of the Falls at Niagara, strolling along the Gorge taking in the power and sights of Niagara or tasting our world famous ice wine and watching the expressions on your fellow travelers faces. Welcome to Niagara Falls.

There’s so much more to see and enjoy at Niagara from fishing charters, to winery and brewery visits and tasting. From historical landmarks like the first golf course in North America at Niagara on the Lake to plantations of peaches, pears apples, grapes and more.


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