Niagara Falls Isn’t In The Back Country

Sometimes it can seem like the Falls at Niagara Falls is lost in the commercialization of the area.

With so many pictures of the Falls showing just the water, here’s one with a different perspective. It’s Murray Hill, which takes you down from the hotels, one of the casinos and many restaurants, to the gorge and the Falls. But what does it look like on a semi-quiet day from half way up the hill. That’s Niagara Falls New York in the background, and of course the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls peeking through the trees.

But what helps greatly to make Niagara Falls so popular is the accessibility to everyone. No long treks in the jungle, or drives through dense bush. A simple airplane ride to Buffalo or Toronto, a train ride from almost anywhere in North America or a car drive from anywhere in North America and you’re here. When you are in Niagara Falls you are in a safe environment surrounded by great restaurants, excellent hotels and many other attractions to make your stay truly worthwhile.

If I sound a bit like a tour guide, I am that and much more. Niagara Falls is an interesting place to live because it is constantly changing and taking on different cultures in your mind. I walk around the Falls and hear languages from all over the world. I see the dress of different countries and I enjoy the smiles and laughter of people from every corner of the world. When I set up the camera for pictures, it never fails that I get tourists stopping by and asking me questions and telling me where they came from.

Niagara Falls Ontario is not a large city. It’s about 88,000 people, many retired from Toronto, and it’s part of the Niagara Region with about half a million residents. But what makes us unique is the number of tourists that flock to Niagara Falls every year, and all year. Well over 12 million folks come to enjoy the Falls, and many of them take in our wineries (didn’t know that we have world class wineries?), Niagara on the Lake old town which was the first Capital of Canada in the 1700’s, the Welland Canal which moves the giant laker ships between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie (around Niagara Falls), and many other interesting things to see and enjoy.