Two Exciting Views Of The American Falls

If you are on the American side of the Niagara Gorge, you look over and beside the Falls such as these visitors are doing in the photo below. In the photo we’re looking North toward the Rainbow Bridge that connects Canada and the USA at Niagara Falls, while the American Falls pours about 10% of the total water that goes over all of the Falls at Niagara Falls. The other 90% goes over the Canadian-Horseshoe Falls which is to the left and out of the picture.


It’s a great view, and feeling being right at the brink, hearing the roar of the water and enjoying the scene from this vantage point. But there is another view, that gives you perspective. It’s the view of the American Falls from the air, looking from the Canadian side of the Niagara Gorge (looking from west to east). This picture is a special photo where the shutter stayed open for an extended period causing the silky look of the water.

teh American Falls at Niagara taken with a long shutter opening to give the silky effect

Wow, what a difference. All that rock you see at the bottom of the Falls fell July 28, 1954. About 100 feet of the Falls surface collapsed sending 185,000 tons of rock into the gorge. That was the second time in recent history that the American Falls rock sheared off. On January 17th, 1931 a huge chunk of the Falls also fell into the gorge.

The gorge is getting filled up with debris. In 1938 the Honeymoon Bridge fell down into the Gorge and eventually sank to the river bottom. It fell because a massive ice jam in Lake Erie cause huge amounts of ice to flow down the river and over the Falls back in 1938. The Honeymoon Bridge wasn’t built like the Rainbow Bridge you see in a lot of pictures. The Rainbow Bridge replaced the Honeymoon bridge in 1941. The ice pushed the bridge supports causing the collapse. Nobody was hurt as everyone knew what was about to happen and there wasn’t anything they could do.



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