Old Angel Inn at Niagara on the Lake, ON

Why Is Niagara On The Lake Important?

There’s a huge amount of history imbedded into the soul of NOTL as many locals refer to the old town. Here I am going to look at just some of that history, and why you should take at least a couple of hours to enjoy Niagara on the Lake while you’re in Niagara.

I’ll start off by giving you an opportunity to soak up some of what makes NOTL unique and important to Canada with Wikipedia’s interesting run through. Click here for that.

Now some of the other aspects that a tour guide might bring to mind. Not many cities and towns have been renamed so many times since inception. First it was Butlersburg, then West Niagara, then Newark when in 1792 it became the first Capital of Upper Canada, then another name change to Niagara in 1798. The present name of Niagara on the Lake was adopted by the Post Office in 1880 to stop confusion with Niagara Falls, but amazingly wasn’t officially adopted until 1970.

But the history of Butlersburg is everywhere for you to see and enjoy.

And why the picture of the Angel Inn?

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