A is a beautiful well preserved 19th-century village located in the heart of Niagara Wine country. Known as NOTL to the locals, you’ll find several wineries, breweries and distilleries along with the world class Shaw Theatre. Of course there is Lake Ontario at it’s doorstep and the Niagara River, after cascading of he Falls at Niagara Falls, empties its glacial waters into Lake Ontario as it heads for the Atlantic Ocean.

Just 12 miles or 20 kilometers from Niagara Falls, this village known by several names over the years – Newark, a British Military site and have for British loyalists fleeting the United States after the American Revolution. Butlersburg, named afer Colonel John Butler, commander of Butler’s Rangers and of course it was also named Niagara.

It was the first capitol of Upper Canada and the first provincial parliament of Ontario was convened in Navy Hall in 1792. During the War of 1812, the capitol was moved to York (which became Toronto) to be farther from combat. In Niagara on the Lake you’ll find the oldest golf course in North America, built by the British soldier stationed here, and held the first ever-international tournament held in North America. The Niagara International was held September 5-7, 1895..

You’ll want to visit Niagara on the Lake because it is a very active interesting village/town today and it has 250 years of active history.

Niagara on the Lake horse and carriage rides throughout the town.

Street scene at Niagara on the Lake Ontario. You’ll often see classic auto’s in town.

The Park at Niagara on the Lake Ontario.

One of the many excellent restaurants in NOTL for you to enjoy.

Looking from the waterfront across the Niagara River to Fort Niagara USA.

People do live in the village and this is one of the 20th century houses on the main street.

One of the many hotels that you’ll find on the main street of NOTL.